Friday, April 25, 2008

You will be missed

It was a full on Indian Video show and haircut roast as we gathered to say our farewells to Angela, Wade and Caden T Miller.

They have become close friends and we shared our time in India as somewhat an extended family. There was never an event that we were all not at. Birthdays, Anniversaries,Gotcha Days Sunday Brunch at the Taj West End and the normal "I need a friend day" that Wade, Angela and even Caden would help with.

We travelled all over India with them as well as shared many nights just talking and telling stories which were mostly about " When we get back to the US and go into Byerly's/Lunds, I am gonna buy....." "The first thing I am going to grill is..", The first restaurant I am going to is..." Yeah not all of our conversations were healthy nor were they productive but we always felt a little bit better after each one!

Then there was of course the talk of the kids, pests, parasites and our domestic help. Many of these discussions were held around a cocktail hour and the pending result was, well never really established.

Angela and Tracy spent a great deal of time carpooling together as well as working. They would see things on the way to work and the opposite things on the way home. They would do yoga every other day at 6:00 am , work until some ungodly hour, come home and still manage to have to text message each other in the middle of the night, go figure.

Wade and I spent a great deal of time wondering where we would get the best beef and then who's house we would eat it at. We would push each other at the gym , on the golf course and talk endlessly about fishing and good food. We would have dinner at least two nights a week with each other and Caden and the Loudamerican kids had dinner 4 0r 5 days a week. Wade would bring over a couple of Kingfishers or I would and we would feed the kids put in a movie and just relax.

Where is Caden, "that's my plane Billy, Kay lets color, Tom can I make you a boat".We had a great time with Caden T and the kids miss him and ask about him everyday. Caden would always share his trucks and cars with Billy but the ongoing usage of the planes is still not an option. Jimmy and Caden would swim and go down the slide and Caden and Kay Kay would produce Picasscoestque paintings that will be sought after in the years to come.

We can not thank them enough for their friendship and help while they were here and we look forward to reuniting in May when we return.

They say what happens in India stays in India, is that true?

We love you and miss you more than you know!!