Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Summer Vacation

As they say all good things must come to an end so has school for the students of Gopolan National School. Coinciding with the end of school are two important events of note. The first being Annual Day which I will go into detail here. The second and perhaps more scary for the author is the two plus months the kids will be out of school and on summer vacation. That blog is still forming so more on that later.

Annual Day is nothing short of insane. The school is light up with thousands of lights and banners and the students are dressed in the most amazing costumes and the parents are rapidly taking photos which is against school policy but we are in India so fire away.

Kay's class came out and performed a marvelous dance to a beach theme and Kay was dressed in her two piece pink bikini along with an orange sarong. This orange sarong caused quite a scene as Kay came home from school the day before the event with this orange sarong thing but no one told us that she needed it for the performance, so we left it at home. Well the Ma'ams were mad Saravana drove home to get it which takes about 15 minutes each way and finally returned with it. I mean what is Annual Day without a little drama!

The next came the children of prep D in which Jimmy is a pupil. The class was i all dressed in black pants and white puffy shirts that would have made both Elvis and Steinfield jealous!!

They performed the timeless classic from Sound of Music, "So long farewell auveidersein go bye"

of course Jimmy was having a ball and we were extremely proud Parents.

This year the school showed amazing insight and had the younger children perform first and then had an intermission for which we could gather our children and retreat home, which we did.

Billy was left out as he is not old enough to be in the program and he kept saying " but I want a program" however not to be out done he and Noah played and had a good time.

Now to the academic reflections on our little ones:

James is learning to be a better listener. He is enthusiastic about all his class activities.

In English he began the term with the mark of excellent A+ keep up the good work. He finished out the term with " Excellent grasp over grammar coupled with good vocabulary, keep going"

Mathematics began with James is an observant child and he grasps concepts quickly and ended with the marks of mastered, well done Jimmy A+.

In Hindi James has improved steadily and by terms end James has mastered the recitation and hand writing.

James is ready to step up the ladder and is promoted to Standard 1 and is to report promptly on 4th June 2008.

Kay Marie Leon Murphy:

For some reason we can not get the school to properly spell Jeon so Kay is known as Leon..Kay is a bright and energetic child in class, has unusually good memory. She is very good in verbal skills and her vocabulary needs special mention. She has great talent in drawing and also shows good leadership quality.

She know knows here name and her address as well as she can walk in a straight line. She needs to improve in her ability to speak politely to others and respect their rights and property.

She enjoys the splash pool and is keen in the areas of dance and art. Kay Marie Leon Murphy is awarded the path to nursery and should be promptly in place on 11th June 2008.

William Francis Kim Murphy:

The child is a joy to have in class. He is interested in airplanes and has a veracious appetite for books.

He is learning colors and numbers. It is our extreme hope that William will move into PGII and thereby into the main building and at that time he will be free from mosquito bites.

William Francis Kim Murphy was been awarded the passing grade of A+ and will continue on his path to enlightenment. He is requested to be present for roll call on the 11th of June 2008.
As they say, a hearty congratulations to all our graduates:)