Friday, April 11, 2008

We love you Brigid and Fud

The other event that happened during our somewhat crazy weekend here in India, happened in beautiful South Florida. Fort Meyer beach, on a dock be to be exact.


Aunt Brigid married Uncle Fud.

Now to explain who uncle Fud is well may be hard for some but not for me, Kay. You see when my Mom and Dad went to Korea to bring home our, Jimmy and my, new brother Billy, Brigid and Uncle Fud watched us, Jimmy and me. We played and had ice cream and even did hide and seek, and we loved them. And Uncle Fud always let me get my way, which is way it is easy for me to talk about them.

I wore my nice dress and the boys didn't spit it was great.

Brigid was radiant in her wedding gown and Uncle Fud had a hair cut and a shave too!!

My Grandma and Grandpa Kay and Jeremiah hosted the event and made sure sense I was not there to have cake and ice cream.

The bride and groom where just, well cool. I should have been there to make sure the make up for Brigid was right and that Fud had his cool look, but I was ensured by Grandma Kay that all will be well.

You know Brigid I think that you are a great Bride and my Dad says you are a great sister I should mention that you are a great aunt too, because you have that really cool butternut hair, how do you do it, I like to paint.

Well I want to raise my glass and welcome Uncle Fud who said he stills wants to be called Fud not Rud, Fud you know, Fud means Fake Uncle Dennis and Rud means real Uncle Dennis and we want Brigid to know we love her and think that she is really the best and want to say Congratulation's and would let Rud continue to be Fud. see Fud did not want to become Rud because he likes being Fud and we like him being in our family,forever!

We, the loudamericans wish you the happiest life together, ever.

Hip Hip hooray Dennis and Brigid got married today!