Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What a Journey

So as you can see we had the perfect trip back to Korea. I am unable to really sum this up in words or chose what was the best. The fact that our families met our Foster Moms and their families or that we were all together in Seoul to ring in 2008 or any of the many other events that happened, all I know is that Tracy and I are blessed in our lives and in our families.

So here are a couple of cute things that happen when you get together with family and kids.
This year for Christmas in preparation for our trip to Santa gave each of the kids a hat and a pair of gloves. Kay received a nice crochet black hat and a pair of mittens.

Kay Marie, not Grandma Kay, was really in need of as haircut and here in India they are really bad at giving kids, let alone Korean kids haircuts. So Grandma Bunny said that when we she her in Seoul she would cut Kay's hair. So she did and being we did not have a proper scissors she used a well, I believe a cuticle cutter and she did a great job. Tracy asked Kay," How do you like your haircut?" Kay said " Well it looks like my Hat"!

Now everyone knows that there is a long standing rivalry between the Vikings and the lessor known team, the Green bay Packers. Even more renowned is Aunt Sue's clinical addiction to the Packers and countless therapy sessions she has had in regards to this. She has even gone so far as to use Mrs. Holgrens ticket and sat in her booth during a playoff game. Well you can take the girl out of Packerland but you can not take the Packers out of the girl, enough said!

It is hard enough when you are the parent of three, screaming kids or the parent of two screaming kids, or the parents of the other three screaming kids no matter how your math works 10 adults and 8 kids under the age of 6 1/2 means the adults are out numbered.

The Grandma's and Grandpa's Murphy and Hickey were such a wonderful addition to this trip that without them we would not have had quite the fun. They endured the extreme cold, jet lagged kids, theirs and their grandkids as well, and helped make this a remarkable and fabulous trip. We can not thank them enough for their presence and support in our everyday lives.

As we were all getting ready to leave the good byes were said and hugs were given and the kids all went off to sleep. Now Aunt Julie's kids Cedric and Solomon were the last kids to leave and when they work up the next morning they went downstairs and could not findJimmy, and were sad. Where is Jimmy,we want to play, Julie had to tell them that we had left and they kept going into our room and saying " where is Jimmy?" When they returned home to Costa Rica Cedric looked at his mom and said " When can we go back to Jimmy"s house?" " we miss eveyone and it was soo fun", anyone have a Kleenex, kids they say the damnedest things.

Aunt Tammy and Uncle Jeff had the added stress of planning Georgia 4th Birthday. So we had pizza and ice cream cake and being that we had traveled , well some people had travelled half way around the world, the adults got into this " brought the best present, no Ibrought the best present" routine, Georgia was cracking up and getting really excited about all these cool presents she was about to receive. Long story short, Georgia loves baked beans so Tracy carried,or one of us carried, the can from Bangalore to Seoul and even wrapped for the big day, which is also New Years Eve, is anything ever easy in this family? And, even after all that, Georgia voted the new pink hanbock her favorite gift.

One last thought ... It might not be over! On our last day, a reporter from the Chosen Times found out about our raison d'etre in Korea. She came and spent 3 hours interviewing EVRYONE in the family and taking tons of family photos. So... once we get the article and photos (and get it translated into English) we'll post our final blog of our once in a lifetime, how can we be this blessed, arent we so lucky, wonderful, adventure "The LoudAmericans go to Korea" otherwise known as "Family Vacation - Seoul".

Until then, back to our regularly scheduled programming, The Murphys in India:)