Friday, January 18, 2008

Seoul Grand Park-Guest Author Kay Marie Jeon Murphy

Today we dedided to visit someplace we had not been before, that is my Mom and Dad, and headed out to Seoul Grand Park.

The usual fights started out and I was particular about what I wanted for breakfast and what I wanted to wear, I mean a girl can change her mind anytime she wants, right? We loaded onto the subway and quite a while later we arrived. Now the first thing is that this place is huge and I mean like miles long. The other thing to my surprise was this lady selling gloves. You see I do not like to walk and this whole tour of Seoul has been a walking tour and I have had it. My Dad told me I had to walk because he did not have gloves and being that is so cold he had to keep his hands in his pockets and therefore I could not ride on his shoulders. But no more, the lady struck a hard bargin, but my old man barders like a camel salesman, and got a pair of gloves for 400 wan and I got to ride the rest of the day on his shoulders. Now that piece of info out of the way, back to the Park.

There are literally miles to this place. They have a golf course, a sledding hill. a tram that takes you all over, untold hundreds of animals and even in the middle of winter they had a Giraffe.

They even had a KFC, can you say Westernized, good cause I can't.There were a whole bunch of baby animals and baby yions,( lions), and and a baby monkey playing with a computer and my dad said it reminded him of the us kids, whatever that means.

Mommy found this place that was real warm and had a crib thing with baby guinea pigs in it and we got to hold them. There were these people from the news paper and took a bunch of pictures of us holding and sometimes dropping the guinea pigs. We did not drop them on purpose but they have little claws that tickle your hands and well it scares ya. Being in the cage crib thing with the guinea pigs made me wonder how all the animals felt in there cages.

We saw alligators, monkeys,snakes,wolves and my favorite the hippopotamus. We walked all over the place , well they did I was riding and then got on a trolly back to the KFC where we had yunch (lunch).

But, the best part of the day came when Mom and her sisters went shopping at Namedeum. Do you know what they got me?! A beautiful new princess hanbock. What a great day....