Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day 1 Arriving

Arriving in the early morning on Thursday the 27th we encountered our first delay. Where were Sue, Julie,Cedric and Solomon? They were to have arrived a couple of hours before us and we agreed that they would meet us at the Baggage claim and we would all take the bus to Seoul together. We searched high and low I mean how hard could it be to find the only two kids at the airport whom were Blondie's? Apparently quite hard and after an hour or so we attempted to call the agency. We realized they had given us two different numbers and not the right city code. After calling the wrong number several times we finally figured out the correct way. However upon reaching Eastern they informed us the the Murphy party had called and said they would be late? Who, apparently all the rooms were reserved under Murphy and therefore we were not sure whom would be late?

So we headed off to the bus and made the trip to the designated meeting spot and there were Jim and Bunny, Tracy's Mom and Dad. They helped us tote our stuff off to Eastern and of course their first question," where are Sue, Julie and the kids", no idea. We checked their flight and sure enough it had landed but where were they???

Tracy, I and the kids got ready for our meeting with the people from Eastern only to find out they wanted to post pone it until later when everyone else had arrived so we all could meet them, they very thing they wanted to avoid in he first place! Our friends at Eastern have no idea what's in store for them!

Next Tammy and Jeff arrived safely with their 3 kids and Tracy's Dad went out to the airport to see if he could find Julie. Jeff and Tammy needed three cabs to get all their stuff to Eastern and were finally settled in when Sue, Julie and the 2 kids showed up WITHOUT Dad?! Turns out that the plane in Costa Rica was late taking off and they missed every connection they had and 36 some hours later finally made it!! This could be a whole blog in and of itself!!

Tracy's Dad returned to find us having cocktails! We all had dinner and got the kids ready for bed andI headed out to meet Jeremiah and Kay. They were the only ones to travel business class and were well rested and well feed , so no pity was shown to them!!

We all said goodnight and Tracy and I were finally relieved day 1 was over and everyone had made it safe and somewhat sound. Tomorrow we hoped would prove to be an incredible day. We had been planning this for almost 6 months and were excited for the chance for our kids and families to meet the people who helped raise and love our kids in their first few months... Our foster Moms!!