Monday, November 05, 2007

Wendy's here Wendy's here Wendy's here!!!

As many of you know, Wendy is a dear dear friend of ours for the last good many years:). She and Tracy do the MS150 together EVERY year (ok, 14 of the last 17 years but who's counting). Wendy and Tracy have also been roomies off and on during our turbulent youth (aka break ups and significant others). There is ALWAYS a room in our house for Wendy as there is for us in hers. She is Jimmy's godmother and a key important (and LOVED) person in our lives.

AND, she's HERE!!

Wendy arrived in Delhi last Friday (10/26) and was whisked off to a whirlwind tour of Agra and the Taj Mahal. The action didn't stop there... She landed in Bangalore on Sunday and the LoudAmericans whisked her off to a Halloween party followed by a BBQ at Petra and Gerald's house. If that's not enough, Tom took her to 2 of his charity meetings and shopping on Commercial street. This was all pre-Halloween!

On Halloween she witnessed the LoudAmericans in all their glory, costumes and hyperness, running from house to house for candy. All on the premise that "yes, Tracy can fit 5 lbs of shit in a 2 lb bag". The time table was this.... Tracy leaves work 3pm, gets home at the ever so frustrating time of 5pm (yes it did take 2 hrs to go 13 kms due to a disturbance of traffic protestors. Life is ironic even in India), Trick or Treating from 5-6pm (Tracy missed Halloween last year due to conference calls and damn it, she wasn't going to miss it again) and in the car by 6pm for a 4 hour journey to Tirvimanamali (2/3 of the way to Pondicherry). Life was looking sweet as we rolled out of the gates of Palm Meadows at 5:58pm. Happy kids with candy and happy adults to finally be sitting still.

See the attached photos of which we have Wendy to be grateful for (again) as our camera broke just in time for the festivities. Jimmy was a Black PowerRanger (Operation Overdrive and thank you Des and Greg, you saved our hide!!). Kay was a fairy princess and "flew" from house to house. Billy was Lightning McQueen and in absolute heaven.

For a good recount of our "spooky" adventures on the way to Pondicherry, check out Wendy's blog at

Or, you can see other recounts of Halloween along with photos on (our favorite expats) or (newest expats and maybe the funniest in a LONG time:) - Please note, Jimmy is in LOVE with Gracie

Wendy is here through Friday (Dwali) and I am SURE we'll have lots more blogs on her (and our) adventures this week!

We love you Wendy and are already planning our your next trip over!!!