Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kay's Gotcha Day, Jimmy's grown up and Billys my prend

The highlight of this weekend was Saturday. Kay woke up bright and early at 6:30, came running into my room and announced, "Today's my special day!". Yep, Kay, Saturday was your Gotcha Day. 4 years ago on this day, we brought the tiny Baby Kay home from Korea.

You were so sweet and cubby and tiny and terrorizing all at the same time. You cried non-stop all the way home (20+ hr flight from Seoul to MPLS). You were the littlest baby we had ever had to take care of and we were scared to death. Jimmy and Grandma/pa Hickey met us at the airport and Jimmy said "Hi Baby Kay, I'm Jimmy, nice to meet you". We headed home in the MN cold and when we got there, Jimmy just had to show you his room. Such a good little host. You refused to sleep for the 1st 72 hours unless either Daddy or I was holding you in a sitting position, but you finally adjusted and became a happy part of our family.

So, Saturday, we had to celebrate you joining the Murphy family. We had a family walk, went swimming and then had chocolate cake with white frosting and cherrys by the pool. All your friends were there and we sang 2 different versions of Happy Gotcha Day. It was very fun. We love you Baby Kay, Kay Kay and the Pook-a-rook!!

Jimmy is all grown up. Last week, he told Tom "I think I'm going to go for a run to get some exercise" and he did! He has also started taking showers by himself. He washes his own hair and body, dries off, puts gel in his hair and gets dressed. Between this new habit and his eating habits, I think we have hit puberty already. All is not lost however, he still wants to sit on my lap and cuddle and can throw a mean fit when he doesnt get his way. He's still 6 aside from being as big as an 8 yr old and the workout/showering habits of a 15 yr old:)

Billy is my "prend" (i.e. friend). With Tom being gone, I am getting ALL of Billy's pent up love and attention. This means middle of the night visits, having to sit on top of me whenever I take a seat, climbing all over me when we watch a movie and not letting ANYONE else sit by me EVER (especially Kay). While all the hugs and kisses are sweet, I could use a little elbow room. Plus, these shows of affection are necessary to combat the tantrums that come with being 2 just about to turn 3.

All and all, we are surviving with Tom in MPLS, but we really miss him and want him home safe and sound.

We love you Daddy!!