Thursday, October 25, 2007

William Francis Kim Murphy aka Billy

Billy is now becoming a really big boy. He is talking non-stop and playing games and even wearing big boy underwear!!

He, as you all know is a big car/truck fan. So in the interest of speeding up the diaper-less goal Billy was given cars underwear with his hero Lighting McQueen on the back. Billy is bound and determined not to get Lighting wet lest he would have to use rustezze on him and we all know what type of product rustezze is!

He was all smiles as he was wearing his new underwear ands even came to get Daddy when it was time to use the potty! Now this all sounds great and fine and all that, however the situation is ,that when Billy is out of diapers we can get a puppy. (A negotiation with the other 2 kids to delay the inevidable) So ,what is Billy’s second favorite thing besides Lightening McQueen, yup DOGS!

Some of Billy’s new quotes are:

Are you my priend? (Friend)
Are you crabby at me?
I don’t like that!
Can I have more chocolate milk?
Can I bus my dishes?
Is this mine?
Read this to me, now!
I woub you (I love you)
I woub you too (see above)

While we are working on his manners, he is looking forward to his Birthday so much so that every party we have gone to lately he thinks is his Birthday. !

He is becoming very adventurous and even thought it would be a good idea to jump on the bed. Well, we all know there is no more jumping on the bed, because you can fall off and bump your head, or in Billy’s case get a fat lip! He is fine and ready for more action.

He is also very fond of getting up in the middle of the night coming into mom and dads room. With his pillow and slamming the door to ensure the other two kids get the picture that he has staked his claim. Mom and Dad however are not real happy about this new territorial move on Bill’s part.

Billy is in Nursery at Gopalan and he is the teachers favorite mainly because he loves to give kisses to the teachers each day before he goes home, quite cute.
He is a typical 2 almost 3 year old. Happy one minute, pissed off the next. BUT... he is the most affectionate of the kids and if you lie real still in bed in the morning, you are likely to get 20-30 gentle wake up kisses on your cheek.
It doesnt get much better than that!!