Saturday, October 13, 2007


The prep kids at Gopalan have been rehearing and practicing for the past couple of months to take the stage and bring alive the many festivals of India.

There are many however with the prep class going only from A-E the choices were limited. There was a slight miss-understanding with Jimmy's teacher as we were originally going to be on vacation during the performance Jimmy was not given a part. Several times we instructed her that we indeed were here only and not leaving until after still no part. Finally we had an in person meeting and Jimmy was at the last minute given a part.

There is a special day in September that is called Sister day. All the women give bracelets and sweets as a memento of friendship and love to their male and female friends. Jimmy was the main lead in the skit and received a sweet and a bracelet along with a standing ovation from Mom and Dad.

It was fun to see all the kids in costumes and acting parts, extremely well.

As they say : break a leg " Jimmy!