Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Many Happy Returns of the Day

This is a statement of Birthday Wishes used here in India. It also appears that you start calling to wish the recipient "Many Happy Returns of the Day" at the beginning of the day in question.

What does that mean?? Be the first to call at 12:00:01 in the morning!!! nice.

Tracy surprised me this year with an overnight stay at a very nice local hotel called The Ista.

Our housekeeper and cook actually stayed overnight with the kids and low and behold no one was injured and everyone got along!! I think we may have to try this again and again they say three times is a trend!!

Tracy and wandered around the northern edge of Bangalore did a little shopping but mostly we finally got to have some alone time with just us (which is rare here), and it was the best birthday present ever!!

We went to a great Thai restaurant called Rim Namm and had a great dinner and returned to our room for a great night sleep and it was not interrupted by a small child in the middle of the night!! On Sunday we met some friends for the traditional Indian Sunday brunch, food, drink, drink,food, drink, dessert...it was great.

Then on the actual Birthday we had a joint party with our neighbors the Millers. It turns out Wade shares the same B-Day as me and we had a BBQ, Indian Buffet and a great time. Angela's Mom and Dad and her sister are here visiting for a couple of weeks and they came and we had fun catching up on the goings on back home. Of course what would a B-Day celebration be with some German influence of Petra and her Hookah!!

I received some fabulous presents, new sun glasses from Saravana, new running shoes which I am actually using to run from Tracy and her Mom and Dad, Kay bought me coffee and M&M's, Billy a new book and Jimmy a case of Bud, what great kids!!!

The cake was cut, the champagne toast made and another successful B-Day.

Thank you Tracy for the great B-Day weekend.

I love you!!!