Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Great Minnesota Get Together

Earlier this week, Tracy informed me that since there are several family's living in Bangalore from Minnesota (6 people total to be exact) and since we were missing so many important events at home ... I needed to organize a party using the State fair as the we need one.

So upon consulting with my co-hort in crime Wade we set off to plan a "party on a stick".

With the State fair ranking 101 (or much lower) on the list of the 100 things we like to do, the task seemed a bit large. After all, Tracy's usual response to "do you want to go to the State Fair?" is usually met with "over my dead body...".

However after a couple of Kingfishers I got to thinking what would go good with beer,State Fair, beer, CORN DOGS. I called Wade and told him what I had in mind and his first response was, " That's what I was thinking" I said are you drinking beer too? Which he replied "of course"... great minds...after that it was somewhat easy.

I mean, come on, the State Fair needs a Beer Garden, All the Milk you can drink, CORN DOGS,

cookies on a stick, french fries in a cup , apple pie, and of course a Beer Garden. And the Band Stand ( IPOD Stand). How hard could these be to find in India?!

We had about 25 kids and 10 or so family's with Minnesota roots along with our German friends Gerald and Petra who for the day were from New Ulm...they even brought German sausage on a stick!!

There was also a Cotton Candy maker (machine and person), a professional face painter (with Kay doing her apprenticeship for face painting), Minnesota State Flags as well as wrist bands, lots of Gopher and Vikings tshirts and the usual sort of junk associated with the Midway.

The State Fair this year has risen substantially into the list of things I would do!

The newest exhibit this year and the winner of the most inappropriate State Fair Booth was the Arabian/Turkesh tobacco pipe called a Hookah!

No State fair could be complete without the Open Mic/Talent show which was won this year by a group on kids doing an awesome rendition of High school Musical!!! They even found the website to learn the dance moves.

Applications for booth space at the 2008 State Fair can be sent to:

Beer Garden and Corn Dog booth on a best bribe basis ...

For more info and another perspective, catch up with our favorite neighbors at

Cheers to the great MN get together!!