Sunday, September 09, 2007

Family,Summer and the occasional Birthday

In the course of things being gone from home for a period of one to two years in your youth is a greatly anticipated and highly sought after event, however as one grows older the anticipation wanes and the going away is not the anticipated event , returning home takes the front seat.

When we began publishing our blog we thought wow what a great way for our family and friends to be able to keep up with our adventure and know what we are doing. This has worked out for the most part great. However one thing we did not realise was that our family would not be able to tell us as easily what they were up to and therefore we have missed them and their adventure details.

The general everyday details of what is going on, who is mad at who and all the things that go into the family routines we miss. There have been a great deal of milestones as well ,Birthdays, first days of schools kindergarten to college, lost and found teeth , not to mention my sister whom shall remain nameless celebrated the big 40 and the upcoming nuptials of my cousin.

There have been the sad parts of life as well such as funerals,medical issues and the other events that bring family's closer and make you realize how lucky we are to have family.

So as we say goodbye to summer and welcome Fall, greatest time of the year, in Minnesota,

let us celebrate the harvest with the knowledge that we all have the greatest Family. We miss you all and think of you often and are looking forward to the first Murphy- Hickey family reunion in Soeul!!!