Friday, August 10, 2007

Korea or BUST

"We're too EXCITED to sleep" - from the famous Disney commercial

Seoul Korea may not sound like the ideal holiday get a way, but for the LoudAmericans, we couldn't be more excited to "take our show on the road"!

As an expat, we get an allowance to visit our home to see family and friends. This last year, we decided to use this "free" money to bring our folks to India and to see our great friends Duane, Leanne and Cooper in Australia. When we renewed our India contract and it started a BIG debate and how to use the money ... Where to go???!!

Tom: home
Tracy: Spain?
Tom: home
Tracy: Africa?
Tom: home
Tracy: Germany?

Lest you think that I am not excited to come home, rather, traveling 20+ hours with 3 kids under 6 for a short 10 day visit sounded more stressful than enjoyable. The above places were suggested with the thought that our families might be willing to meet us 1/2 way and spend some quality time together where we are ALL jet lagged:)

A few weeks later....
Tracy: We need to decide, what do you want to do?
Tom: Korea
Tracy: YES!!!!

So, for the last 3 weeks we have been planning, scheming and basically looking up every flight from the U.S./Costa Rica/India to Korea. Then, we crafted a VERY heartfelt email to our families and invited them to meet us in Seoul during the New Year holiday. We are going to subsidize their trip with our money so that we can all be together.

The details:
We'll be staying at the adoption agency guest house, where we stayed when the kids were brought home. We'll get to show our families around Seoul, take them to palaces, shopping, Lotte World (aka Korean Disney World), the mountains, and out for fantastic food everyday. The great thing about Seoul is that they have a subway system that is equal to the Underground in London and its clean and inexpensive. We'll also be able to meet the kids foster families and maybe even Jimmy's birth mommy. A once in a lifetime opportunity:)

We are so blessed! So far 20 of our family members will be meeting us in Seoul from 12/27-1/4 for this incredible experience. If you are in the neighborhood, let us know, the more the merrier!!

Now you can see why we are too excited to sleep!!