Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jimmy Turns 6

There are only a few days in the year Parents know that a kid will without being prompted will pop out of bed and claim the day.Chief among those days is the child's Birthday.

The evening before the big day we Parents will sometimes use the power of the following day as a tool to get the child to go to bed early and more importantly, properly. In Jimmy's case the tactic was used and he responded by stating " I am too excited to sleep". 5 minutes later he was sound asleep as his siblings, Kay and Billy proceeded to become banned from their "favorite things" for the rest of eternity, but that is a different story.

Jimmy sprang out of bed promptly at 7:00 am came down stairs and announced "I am 6 today look how big I am" and proceeded to launch into the following monologue...

Why does God make people mad, I wish that I could have special powers and when a bad guy came at me I could use my special powers to defeat them, how come God made my birthday August 22, when is the 1st month of the year, why didn't God make my birthday in January, how come I am older than Billy/Kay, am I bigger than Cody now, how old will I be on my next birthday, why is the sky blue, why do we live in India, do you miss Minnesota, when will I see my friends in Minnesota, who's birthday is tomorrow (SUES's!!!) who's birthday is the day after that, and then who's next .... on and on and on for 4 min's straight.

Not to be outdone, Kay and Billy decided to join in the "fun" only their monologues were more like ... its not fair that its Jimmy's birthday and not my birthday, can I come to his party, will there be presents for me, Jimmy's going to give me chocolate -he's my friend, I don't want to eat, I want cereal, I don't want cereal, I want rice/dahl, I don't want rice/dahl....

Finally they were securely in the car and on the way to school!

Jimmy had a great day at school and as tradition here goes past outed candy to all his friends at school and being Mr. Popular of course he did not have enough!

Then the party began. Mom and Dad had secured the local game room/ shooting range for the afternoon and Jimmy along with his friends and our drivers all spent about 2 hours playing video games, shooting bad guys and having a great time. Then off to the local Pizza kitchen for dinner. The kids basically devoured the pizza, garlic bread and fanta.

We all headed back to the house for the grand finally of cake, ice cream and PRESENTS!

Jimmy had a fabulous birthday enjoyed all his presents and was very thankful that the Hickey and Murphy Grandparents gave him a tent because " when it stops raining we will have a sleep over" YIKES!