Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kay's food fetish

We havent done a kid specific blog lately and Kay seems "ripe" for material.

As many of you will remember.... To Kay, life is a buffet. She brings new meaning to the term "several small meals a day". She is still REALLY tiny (4yr old and not quite 30 lbs) but she's as strong as a horse. Pound for pound, she could take us all.

Meals to Kay are entertainment, conversation pieces. Rarely does she ever eat. Then... 1 hr later proclaims she's hungry at which point she takes one more bite. This goes on all day.

At least, it did. It seems she's decided to eat. Now, if you also remember, Kay is the kid who invented pickle "juice" (pickle brine in a sippy cup). Her favorite foods include:
raw garlic
raw onions
raw peppers

So, we were surprised when, she sat down one morning, asked for a cheese omelet and proceeded to EAT the WHOLE thing! Zoinks! We were in shock. This has been continuing for 3weeks now. Not only is she eating breakfast, but 2 lunches (1 at school and 1 when she comes home) and 2 dinners (1 with the other kids and 1 with us). To date, there has been no noticable growth spurt or weight gain, but we continue to be optimistic.

Her latest habit is a night time snack. For most kids this would mean, cookies, ice cream, etc... Not our Kay. Her night time request? Lettuce in a bowl that she can take to bed. Last night, she specifically asked for some of the shrimp we had for dinner to go with her bed time bowl of lettuce. Strange Strange child.

In other news, yes, she still wants to be a face painter when she grows up. She is showing interest in learning to swim, in fact, she asked the life guard to teach her. She also got a hairstyling kit for her birthday so we are all getting our hair "done" about once a day. When you call her name ( Kay... Kay...) her typical response? "Huh? Huh?" When she's mad or doesnt get her way? "G_d Damn it! oh, I mean sh_t!" (We are trying to break this one....)

She can be so sweet and so terrible all in the same day.

You gotta love her.