Tuesday, August 01, 2017

KCC-9th Annual

The greatest week of all ...  Korean Culture Camp !! 5 days of all things Korean, food, taekwando, drumming, dance, self esteem...320 kids, 225 volunteers  means Tom and his kitchen crew cooked home made, from scratch Korean food for 545 people everyday!

This was our 9th year of attending and sadly we had to fly the missing man formation (or in this case woman) because of Kay's gymnastics schedule she could not make the camp :(, that did not mean she missed out on the food!

Jimmy was supposed to be a teen helper in the First grade however when we got to camp the first graders he had last year voted him onto the second grade island and he had all the same kids again this year! He loved it and came home with stories about how big they are getting, how fun it is to see them grow up and how much better behaved they are now that they are a little older. He still looks like Elf with the elves and he's pretty darn cute.

Billy was in his final year as a camper and sadly we will have to deal with that next year, however since Tom is in the kitchen the kids will be able to be teen helpers!  He's really excited to help with taekwondo next year. Let's hope he gets lucky with his teen helper camp placement.

The camp is really about the food here is this years menu:

Monday: Oi Bokgeum & Mandarin Salad
Tuesday: Chicken Wings & Korean Potatoes
Wednesday : Bulgogi & Radish Salad
Thursday: Jahb Chae & Mandarin Salad
Friday; Chicken Bulgogi & Mandu

Everyday we also serve rice, carrots, fruit, Kimchee, cookies along with water and lemonade. Its a blast to get together with the kitchen crew and hammer out the food the look on the kids faces makes all of it worthwhile!

The end of the day is a snack bar full of crazy Korean Snack and miscellaneous food items all for a $1 or 2.

We have life long friends at camp .., Leona, Tom, Ann, ShinBee, Noah, Siri, Becky, Sue, Lucas, Jane, Lucas, the list goes on and on.  Plus every year we recruit new friends to come to camp like Grayce, Beth, Jennifer, Andreas, Gabe, Claire ... Not to mention the new friends we make at camp every year ... Wendy, KimSu, Dave, Julie ...

Camp is a really special place with special kids and people.  We are so blessed that we are part of this legacy that celebrates our kids and their culture & heritage.

Thank you to EVERYONE that makes it possible!!