Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jimmy update - Jazz Combo and Braces

Yes, its true, we now have 3 kids in glasses (or contacts) and braces. Kay was the last to fall to contacts and Jim the last to fall to braces.  Who said Jr High was the awkward years?! I call them the Parent Go Broke years ...

With newly minted braces on Monday (Jim got his top braces on and will get his bottom braces in a few weeks) and a Jazz Combo on Tuesday, its been a busy week.

He was super excited for both but lets just say the thrill of braces has already worn off. He asked yesterday if he was 'done' yet.  Its going to be a long 24 months, especially since all of his friends are on the tail end of braces and in the process of getting them removed.

The excitement for the Jazz combo lasted much longer and continues.

Jazz Combo is a try out only, before school group of 10 kids. Jimmy loves it.  He's the drummer and in charge of "the beat".  He gets to riff and have solos and basically be in charge of the other 9 kids.  He's been obsessed with the movie Whiplash for the last year and keeps asking if he sounds/looks like the kid in Whiplash. They were supposed to wear all black for the concert but of course he insisted on a yellow tie (again reference the movie). And...he delivered! It was a fun (short) concert and he rocked it!  Not only that, you can tell he was having a great time, loving every minute and having fun.

Thats the best:)

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