Thursday, February 25, 2016

5th grade freedom concert

Otherwise known as - reason 189 why we love Meadowbrook!

Each year, during African American History Month, Meadowbrook 5th graders put on a freedom concert. They learn about culture, music, history and it all culminates with a concert featuring singing, dance and drums. Very fun with some very catchy tunes (if you know anything about freedom songs, they are meant to be sung in a group and stick in your head and they do!!)

Of course, since this is the 1st year we have had a kid in 5th grade at Meadowbrook *yes, random, I know but Kay went to 5th grade in Canada and due to Canadian school rules on birthdays, Jimmy skipped 5th grade all together - so..Billy is our 5th grade pioneer.  Anyway, in typical Billy fashion, we found out about the concert the day before in a round about way when he said ... I think I have a concert tomorrow, I'm not sure, I don't think I was paying attention.  After a quick hustle to talk to other parents we had the details and were ready.

What is clear, they have been practicing for a long time and were quite good. Billy even sang along (at least it looked like he was singing and not just faking it as Kay was known to do with trumpet)

Check out the photos and videos of freedom songs and a japanese interpretive dance to a song about fireflies....

Well done Billy!!