Friday, January 15, 2016


The New Year has started off with the musical endeavors of Jimmy and Billy.

First up setting in the 4th row aisle seat is Billy Murphy playing the Violin. Billy has been hard at it since early October, rosining up his bow and belting out the old violin classics such as, row row your boat, Mary had a little lamb and the timeless Twinkle Twinkle little star. The 5th graders took to the stage with enthusiasm and [played their little hearts out for the whole 8 1/2 minutes, g=fantastic job all around!

The next night we the headed back to the autitorium to see Jimmy and the 9th grade band. The band has several members however Jimmy is the only Alto Sax player and I must say he carried the sax section. They played several musical scores, the main difference between the two shows, well and a couple extra years of practice.!

The boys both performed great and next up is the Jazz Combo in which Mr. Wolf, the band teacher features Jimmy on the drums. Mr. Wolf the teacher has given Jimmy control of the tempo, rhythm and direction of the combo so will let you know how that goes!

PSA: The  lighting in the auditorium  is very low and we are not allowed to use any flash photography, so that means I should be using a try-pod, which I do not have, so the pictures are tad bit blurry, I will rectify that going forward.