Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Update

It was an amazing weekend! I even have the tan lines on my feet to prove it! (gotta love flip flop tan lines:))

Friday was a trip to the zoo, its huge and amazing! They have a polar bear cub (super cute gnawing on his foot), a kids park, a train and some really unique animals. We spent the day and only saw about 30% of the park. The best part? The HUGE splash park. The kids loved it and the weather was awesome!

Saturday was a morning of  football and tae kwon do practice (yep, Billy has found his niche - tae kwon do here we come!) Then, it was off to Center Island and the beach. We rode our bikes to the subway, took the subway to the ferry and the ferry to the Island.

 It also, just so happened, to be Bulls eye Beach weekend. It was a free public event sponsored by Target so the ferry ride was FREE (thank you Target!) and there were give aways, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, etc. Again, super fun. The only downside was an emergency evacuation while they formed a human chain to look for a missing child. The GREAT news was, he was just lost and wandering around the park. Disaster averted but good to know they have safety measures in place. 

We wore ourselves out and headed back into town for dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory (remember, Sue's favorite). Its a really cool place to take hungry kids. The food was awesome as we all carbo loaded for the coming day! Then, off to the subway and home.
Sunday was football! Jimmy's game was in Clarington (an hour away) and they kicked butt!! 38-0 Grizzlies. Again, a perfectly cloudless sky and slight breeze. Kay and Billy made friends with other siblings and played a mean game of Octopus (think a cross between Hot Box and tag).  We did our traditional dinner of Chalupas (Tracy family tradition and favorite) followed by The Naked Brothers Band series.

All in all, a great weekend and we all fell into bed exhausted:) yeah summer!!!