Friday, August 17, 2012

Minneapolis Bound

As you may have gathered from our previous post we returned to Minneapolis a couple of weeks back.

We headed back to retrieve our Honda Pilot and Nikki, as well as for the kids to go to KCC.
We flew into Minneapolis on Friday night and the madness began. Friday we met Jim Fellows and Jen, his fiance, at Buca for dinner, drinks and laughs, which would be the theme for the entire week! We caught up on the wedding plans, family drama and the kids had a blast with Jen and Jim. We then headed out to the Residence Inn, in Plymouth, which would serve as home base for the week, strange being in Minneapolis and not staying in our own home.

Saturday was full of errands, a Target run (woo hoo) and play dates for the kids. Our neighbors and friends, Tim and Patrick, hosted a small gated community pool party for us which was super nice of them!The kids each had a sleep over so we took advantage and had a dinner, drinks and laughs with Wendy and Annemiek. The Anchor Bar in Northeast was the locale and they have a mean fish and chips! As usual we had a riot and it was fun to get together sans the kids, not saying that we didn't miss them... just saying....

Sunday was more running around in the morning then the triple Birthday Party, much like the triple dog dare, this party had protocol, which was ignored and fun was had by all. The Birthday Spotlight was on, James Orvedal, Jimmy and Kay. Each invited 8 friends and the St. Louis Park Roller Garden was the venue. In essence the whole of Meadowbrooks 3rd and 4th grade was there. The kids wore themselves out, which after all was the point. It was also a great way to catch up with all our friends and family. Grandma and Grandpa Murphy, Aunt Brigid, Uncle Dennis and cousin Anastasia stopped by, which was really nice. Sunday night was back to the hotel to hang out with the Van Meter's and the Buckley's getting ready for KCC. Wwe swam had drinks, dinner and laughs at Red Robin to which Jimmy declared his undying love and commitment to their Grilled Chicken sandwich and Onion Rings, "heaven on earth".  Dont forget, this was also the opening ceremony of the Olympics and thus began our Olympic addiction. We were up each night until WAY past bedtime routing on our favority atheletes.

Tracy had to work everyday while we were at camp and we met up each night with friends for drinks, dinner and laughs. Tuesday Leona, Bob, Shinbee and Sandy invited us over for dinner,while we all had time to unwind from our days. Wednesday we headed over to the Miller's to celebrate Angela's birthday and catch up with the Fisher's who were travelling trough from Texas, a very Happy Birthday was had, I dare say by all!

Thursday we reunited with our sail boating friends. The boat people are all doing well and the get together was on par with our theme!  Friday  after camp we reunited with Nikki and she barked a tearful good bye to Michael and Brian, along with the pampered life she lead.. Dinner was a quiet night at our friends Pete and Michelle's, where Michelle out did herself with over the top steak in a red wine rosemary reduction, crazy good.

On top of all this, each kid also had another sleep over and Jimmy went to 2 other birthday parties. We were exhausted by the end of the trip. A VERY successful vacation, I must say:)

Early Saturday morning had has in the car on the way back to Toronto, exhausted but happy. (more on that later...)

To all our friends and family... thanks for the great week and all the hospitality, food, drinks, laughs and love!

The guest room is open for you ALL!