Thursday, May 07, 2009

There are no "surprises" left in my life

Now, I KNOW that I am hard to buy for. I am not a consumer. I hate shopping, I even dread the occassional Target run (yes, I made for a horrible buyer back in the day). I like my house empty and all the walls painted white. I could wear the same clothes for days, wash them and put them back on and be perfectly happy. I love not wearing jewerly, shoes and makeup. I am a Mothers Day gift nightmare. Knowing this, I asked for 2 very appropriate gifts - Lemoncello (for Lemon Drop Martinis) and a new paint job on my bathroom. I fully do NOT expect to get any surprises for Mothers Day or my birthday. Tom, on the other hand, keeps trying. He has some "plans" and he has a not very secretic posse in the kids. Our car conversation last night...

Kay - Dad, can we tell Mommy about her necklace yet or is it still a secret? (keep in mind, I am IN the car with them....)

Daddy - Kay, let's talk about it later, its a secret

Kay - Oh, that's right...

We proceed to talk about other things for a few minutes - school, Kay's spring sing, Jimmy's paly next week, etc...

Jimmy - Kay, tell me what the surprise is (he can be a little slow sometimes)

Kay - No, its a secret

Jimmy - oh come on, please please please

Kay - Ok, its something you wear

Jimmy - I know, we are getting Mommy clothes!! Hey Mommy, you are getting clothes for Mothers Day, they are something you wear so that makes sense

Kay - No Jimmy, its NOT clothes

Jimmy - But it makes sense, then tell me!!

Kay - (Pantomiming a necklace around her neck like its charades)

Jimmy - Oh, Oh, I know! Its a necklace!! Mommy, you are getting a necklace

Kay - Jimmy!!! Its a secret, now you've ruined :(

The moment passes. Hours later, at home ... I am looking for dental floss. We only have about 8000 mini sample size containers in the house from dentist appointments and I cant find a single one. I ask Tom...

Tom - I hid them

Tracy - Why?

Tom - Kay was using them for a project and using them all up

Tracy - What project?

Tom - Its a secret, you'll find out on Sunday...

So, it seems I am getting a dental floss necklace for Mothers Day. I am glad I am "in" on this little surprise so that I can react appropriately (so much for a diamond pendant) :)