Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day

Thank you to everyone that made my Mothers SO relaxing AND fun... In particular thanks to Tom, he coordinated my day so that I could get in a long bike ride, get a pedicure, have a massage, drink lemon drop martini's AND eat Mexican food. And, he did all this while desperately trying to get his homework done, watch 4 kids (Jessie came over for a play date) and move brush out from under the trees. He is superman and I need to come up with something REALLY good for Fathers Day. (open to suggestions here, please send them in).

I love you Tom!

Each of the kids made cards at school. They are too perfect.

Jimmy's card - Titled My Mom

My mom is very fantastic.

She is a very good bike rider. Her favorite subject is reading. People think that my mom is a hard worker. My mom's skin color is light brown. She is not much of a TV watcher. My mom is an eater because she likes and loves salad. We like walking with mommy. We like to nap with her. My mom is really really fun. I love my mom

By - Jimmy

This included a hand drawn portrait of me with my hair sticking out since "that's how I look in the mornings". Nice:)

I was a bit worried about the "My mom is an eater" part, so I am glad he put the salad caveat out there... I love you Jimmy!

Kay's "booty" - I gots LOTS of booty from Kay, 2 cards, a hand drawn"book" and a home made tshirt. She took an old white tshirt of Tom's and a sharpy and went to town. She even sewed beads on the front. Take a look for yourself. I wore it to work today (ok, I wore it until I got in the car and took it off. I'll be putting it back on before I pull into the drive way tonight. BUT... she was so excited I was wearing it to work, I couldnt let her down....) Her card say "I LOVE YOU MOMMY" in letters about 4"'s tall and with a comment that I "make the best noodles. I love you Kay!

Billy gave me a homemade card that he also signed with a picture he drew of him and me together. He gave me some little pansies. He also gave me hugs and kisses all day. I love you Billy!

But, the best part came at dinner. We were talking about how old people were and Jimmy said:

"you are a LONG way from old Mom".

Who could ask for a better ending to a great day?!