Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Jazz Blue Reunion Tour - stop 1

Mr Wolf, Jimmy's Jr High band instructor,  has been accepted to the University of Madison to get his MBA in music. We are SO excited for him but so sad for Hopkins. He was an amazing teacher and inspiration to the kids. He encouraged their love of jazz, taught them how to play together and showed them how to self organize and become a "real" jazz group. This group of boys is amazing, due in large part to Mr Wolf.  Not only are they great musicians, but they are caring, kind, polite, smart and athletic. All of them are solid student and also play a sport.  Our future looks bright!!

In his honor and to celebrate him, we had a going away Jazz Blue Reunion. It was amazing!!

The boys all brought their instruments, we invited the families and - of course - the guest of honor himself, Mr Wolf.

The boys played for him for about 30 minutes and then he joined in for another 30 minutes.  It was so fun to sit in our back yard, with friends, a beverage and amazing music. The neighbors loved it too (we were a bit worried about that!).  In fact, one of the local jazz musicians that Mr Wolf tapped to help start the group saw the updates on Facebook and was mightily impressed. 

And… even better … this has spurred the boys to get some gigs on the schedule. They are currently comparing calendars to figure out when they can practice and are hoping to play The Coffee Depot in Hopkins 7/14/2018.  I'm seriously excited.

It truly was a magical night.  Thank you to EVERYONE who made this happen but … our biggest thanks to Mr Wolf!!

Take a look at some clips...

Jazz 1
Jazz 2
Jazz 3
Jazz with Jimmy drum solo 1
Jazz with Jimmy drum solo 2

The back deck made a perfect stage

LOVE these boys!

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