Sunday, November 19, 2017

Taekwondo (aka Billy) Update

Ok, who knew that taekwondo season was in the fall? Not us! In fact, if we had we may have reconsidered having a kid in football and one in tkd.  Its been NUTS!

Now that Billy is competing at the black belt level, we've "graduated" to a travel meet schedule. This fall has already taken us to Chicago, Florida and South Dakota.  January is Vegas and that doesnt include the local meets which happen about every 6 weeks. Tracy has handled all the travel tournaments and is exhausted.  Nothing like sitting on a bleacher for 8+ hours waiting to see your kid compete for 4 1/2 minutes.  Riveting balanced with complete boredom.  Good thing the tkd families are super fun and everyone gets along famously (we HAVE to, we'd go crazy otherwise!)

Not only is this his 1st year competing at the black belt level but he's also in the 12-14 age group (just turning 13 next month) and little (feather weight at 90 lbs and only 4'9").  This means he's constantly competing against kids that are bigger, older and have more experience. Its been a tough year but he's a fighter. Literally.  His size doesnt play much into his pomsea competitions with the exception that he's learning all new forms at the black belt level BUT ... it makes a HUGE difference in sparring where they are now allowed to do head kicks since they are black belts. When your competitor has 4-8 inches on you and 10-15 lbs over you, thats a big advantage (for your competition!).  Billy has stepped up to the challenge and is giving it his all. He never backs down, takes his points where he can get them, is very coachable and open to learning and most of all... a great sport. He always says nice match and figures out what he can learn from the match. His coaches adore him as he's an amazingly smart, technical and strategic fighter. He's precise, thoughtful and has quick reflexes.  In fact, his coach says he's right where he wants him - getting better with every meet, learning new skills, getting more flexible and stronger and resilient. He's "the whole package" and all anyone wants him to do is grow 6 inches.  Thats all.  If only that were in our control:)

Billy continues to love tkd, his team, his coaches, his friends, learning new skills and getting stronger.  He's a true warrior and we are so proud of him!!

Waiting for your next event is the hardest part.

I wish they were talking about tkd strategy but I suspect it was NBA results and video game hacks.

His official black belt certificate
The 1st place winner - Ross - was coaching another team member in their event and couldn't make the photo - love that they have the kids coach each other - great learning!

Joseph photo bombed - Grandma and Grandpa came to see him compete in Chicago. Much appreciated and fun!


Billys Buddies - Esa, Isaac, Augie, Joseph, Ian and Jacqueline - Rogers kids

The full TKD crew!

Watching Marvel movies in the hotel with Ian, Isaac and Lori.

Billy coaching against Ace's coaching with 2 of the kids he fought and lost to.  Billys kid won.
Tournament of champions 2nd place weapons

Ace and Billy, bringing home the hardware

At the Million Kicks for Cancer Fundraiser - wearing his pink dolbak in honor of breast cancer warriors

Es and Billy's prom picture