Monday, November 27, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Gotcha Day Kay!

In one of those rare occurrences, Kays' Gotcha Day fell exactly on Thanksgiving and she took full advantage of the holiday and extra family around.

Tracy's sister (Tammy) and family make the trek from Michigan and arrived in time for dinner on Wednesday. Aunt Sue timed her trip perfectly as well and joined us in time for the 1st night of festivities!  We got unpacked, caught up and had a great time as Jimmy, Kay and Billy made their way home from sports practices.  Tom had smoked a pork and the BBQ pork sandwiches were amazing. The kids were SO excited to see their cousins and start their 4 day sleep over. Georgia was in Kay's room, Herbie and Joey in Billy's room, Sue in the guest room, Tammy and Jeff in Jimmy's room and Jimmy on the couch downstairs, everyone with a place and everyone in a place.

The 1st order of business was betting on the Viking/Lion game followed by a vigorous debate on if the MN/WI game was worth betting on (it wasnt).  With 2 Lions fans, 4 Packer fans and 2 Vikings fans, we had the weekend covered!  Throw in Michigan, Clemson, MN and WI fans and it was all football all the time.

Thursday was planned around the game and Kay's Gotcha Day. As tradition dictates, you get to choose your dessert on your Gotcha Day.  Well, being a baker, Kay chose to make 4 different kinds of  pies; apple crumble, apple pie, pecan and pumpkin. It was quite the feat.  Once the Vikings won (in a nail biter finish and a VERY loud house) we sent the kids outside to run off some steam and the 1st of many backyard football games with Jimmy as all time quarterback and Joey vs Billy and Herbie.  Tracy got seriously sick with a head cold/fever and was down for the count.  She hasn't gotten that sick in 10 years and it took us all by surprise. She rallied for dinner and a hazy recollection of football.

Friday was meant to be a volunteer project for the family through Tracy's work, unfortunately, none of the clients showed up:(  BUT...the kids werent deterred. they had contests on the in ground trampoline and climbing racings on the swing set.  These kids are nothing if not competitive. We forgot to take pictures but they were having a gas. Then it was a basketball game (Jimmy/Herbie vs Billy/Joey) and more football.  Tracy felt a ton better and sort of wondered what happened the day before.  Weird.  It was MN High School Football playoffs that night so Tom, Jeff, Joey and Jimmy headed to US Bank stadium to see Minnetonka play Eden Prairie, it was a good game and a great way to see the Super Bowl Stadium on a reasonable ticket.  Tammy, Georgia, Herbie, Kay and Billy went to see Wonder. Tracy and Sue stayed home to catch up on The Middle and Modern Family as they both have an aversion to crying in public.

Saturday was more football (MI vs OH) and Sue catching Tracys cold and being down for the count.  Tracy felt TERRIBLE that Sue caught it. Poor Sue.  The kids played more football and dinner was make your own pizza's followed by Elf and The Sound of Music. Strangely no one besides us had seen either in their entirety.  Elf is one of our favorite holiday movies and it sets the tone for the whole season (I like smiling, its my favorite. Francisco, thats fun to say. Santa, I KNOW him! What did I sing you on your birthday?!)

Unfortunately, despite staying up late Saturday night, Sunday finally came and everyone had to leave. Luckily Sue was feeling way better and was able to drive home.  Tammy's family faced the murderous 9 + hour trip home but managed to get home in time for the Packer game (damn that last field goal!).

It was TOO much fun, the kids love each other and get along great, its easy, relaxed and exactly what a holiday should be. Can't wait to repeat in 1 month at Tammy's house. The bonus there will be our parents and Julie and the boys will be there too! Yeah!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Day 1 of football

The real thing

Covering some distance

The gang, Jimmy, Tammy, Jeff, Tracy, Tom, Sue, Herbie, Kay, Georgia, Billy and Joey

Kay getting help from Georgia and Herbie on the pie making

pumpkin, pecan, apple and apple


make your own pizzas! a big hit

Happy pizza kids

The hills are alive!!

chilling and cuddling

under the rug to take full advantage of the heated floor, 3 bugs in a rug

an empty house;(