Monday, July 31, 2017

The official party of the 14 yr old girl

Holy shit. 14 yr old girls are a lot of work.

Kay's been planning her party for  weeks and with each passing hour it got bigger and bolder (and you have seen Kay's parties on this site before, they are EVENTS!)

This year was no exception. It was a luau, movie theme and it came with the typical negotiations about budget, how many people she could invite, sleep over etiquette, etc.   After a fair amount of planning, excitement, meltdowns and finally, execution, the day was upon us.

Tom took prep duty and spent time with Kay on her shopping list, budget and shopping.  They are pretty good deal finders and she managed to get everything she needed (somewhat) within her budget.  It also included supervision of cupcake making (3 different kinds of mini cupcakes - red velvet with mini marshmallows with yellow/white frosting - pineapple upside down, sea salt caramel with mini pretzel garnish)

Then Tracy has execution, basically being Kay's lackey for 36 hours last weekend.

There were 12 girls invited, but only 8 were able to attend.  Here is a break down of the activities....

10am: start setting up tables, kitchen prep, everything laid out, etc.

11am: wake up and feed Kay (she ate a whole mini cupcake and announced she was ready to go..

11:30-1:00: more set up, table decorating, balloon blow up, Popcorn box creation, movie screen set up, coolers out, decorations/signs in place

1:00: actually feed Kay

1:30-3:00: organize food, get games staged, get showered/changed

3:00... guests start arriving...

Kay had 9 activities planned and each activity was to be revealed by popping a balloon with the appropriate # written on the outside, inside was confetti and a clue for the next activity.  I think we'll be finding confetti for years in the house.

The rest of the event is best told in pictures....

The table is set!

The movie is ready to go!

The girls had dinner choices

and more choices

Kays creation

for scale

gifts and cupcake stand

Activity 1 - making lei's

Activity 2 - limbo

Impromptu activity - swimming in Tim & Patricks pool, they are saints and life savers - it bought Wendy and I time to make the girls dinner (to order)

Activity 3 - Dinner

Activity 4 - twister with shaving cream

Activity 4+ - shaving cream fight

Activity 5 - photo booth

THANK YOU WENDY for helping!

Activity 6 - presents and cupcakes

Impromptu activity - hair braiding, french and dutch

Activity 7 - homemade ice cream sundaes

Activity 8 - Pie Face

Activity 9 - the movie Moana

Finally inside for the sleep over

For the record, they did not sleep. At all. They made coffee at 1:30am, I heard them talking to boys on the phone at 4:30am, they went and watched the sunrise at 6:00am, woke up their friend at 7:00am, watched 2 movies (Split and The Shallows) and ate a breakfast of nutella pancake fruit kabobs (yes, all that on one kabob stick) with bacon and fruit.

Then, it was off to the gym for some open gymnastics time.

I picked her back up at 1:00 and she couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was and when can she do it again.  Then she was home and in bed, asleep by 1:30pm.  She woke up at 10pm Sunday night starving.

This is the start of a very very long week....