Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cousins, Food, Billys Gotcha day and Vacation!

Glen Lake is a great little community in Northern Michigan where Tracy's family has been vacationing for many years and where we have been traditionally going for the 4th of July. It is our go to  place for summer vacation and has all the needed ingredients for a great time. This year was no exception, the weather, food, family and good times were in abundance.

Tracy, Billy and Tom arrived late Sunday night after the National Taekwando tournament, everyone was up and waiting with open arms. The cousins all congratulated Billy and Grandma and Grandpa waited up to greet us and to give Billy high 5's and a big hug.The following morning the games began - wall ball, spike ball, ping pong,  baseball, volleyball in the lake along with several made up water games and of course basketball. The kids played all day everyday they had a blast. We spent all day Monday hanging out at the cabin, going for walks, tubing behind Uncle Gary's boat and basically relaxing.

Tuesday was the traditional 4th of July parade and candy fest seriously the kids get as much or more candy at this parade then they do for Halloween! The parade last for about an hour with floats, bands, kazoo players antique cars, Elviss, a small town parade with a big world flavor. Tom ran into one if his co-workers and his family who where in town for the week as well. Grandpa and Grandma fired up the grill for burgers and brats with all the fixing and we watched fire works from the dock, a fantastic day!

Wednesday was off to the "big lake" Lake Michigan and to hang out at the beach. Herbie and Jimmy had a blast in the water while Joey and Billy hit the warmer waters of the lagoon. Kay was not in a water mood as Georgia had to go home for a swim meet which left Kay as the only girl and not in a group mood, so to speak.  We headed back to the cabin and Tom and Kay went in search of fireworks as well as a piece of vanilla cake, Kay was craving a piece of cake, go figure. Back at the cabin it was beach, books and a bone-fire. S'mores and a goodbye to Jami, Kurt, Kiera and Reece as the headed home.

Wednesday was also Billys Gotcha day, 12 years ago he became part of our family and we are all blessed by him. We had the traditional brownies and all the kids were so sweet and wished him a happy Gotcha day. That night we went around and told our favorite Billy story and said what we love most about Billy. The themes were - kind, hardworking, funny, nice to everyone, smart, good athlete, sweet, loving, etc.  Favorite stories - cuddle me but dont touch me, the small scrap on his nose, his one eyed smiles, Juanita, giving a million kisses before bed, wise/funny/zen sayings ... We love you so much Billy! You are a wonderful person and we thank god (and your birth family and foster family) everyday that you are a part of our lives. What would we do with out you!?!  XXOO

Thursday morning walks, taking the boat out of the lake to go in for repairs and more basketball as well as afternoon naps and a walk through the Dunes, summer.  Thursday was Toms night to cook so he pulled out one of his signature dishes, Portuguese Seafood in a Cataplana -  yummy. Kay decided to put on her own fireworks show and Joey, Herbie and Billy were her helpers. Sue was the fire marshal and Tracy and Tom sat on the dock and watched, it was quite the show!

Friday was a quiet lazy around the cabin day.We said goodbye to Joe and Herb as Grandpa took them to meet Jeff. Tracy and Tom headed into town for the wine tasting at the M22 store. It was fun and we even got a couple of wine glasses to take home! Then it was time to get organized and pack.
Lynn had us over for dinner which as very nice of her and we had a great dinner of mac & cheese, pork sandwiches, fruit and an amazing dessert. Tracy's cousin Jodi was also staying at the lake and we hadn't seen her in 10+ years. It was really nice to get caught up with her ! Super fun evening.

Saturday we were up at the crack of dawn for the long drive home around the UP. Sue followed us and it was a gorgeous drive.  Jimmy even drove the last 3 1/2 hours. He did a great job although Tracy did have to remind him, on a number of occasions, that its ok to actually go the speed limit on the highway.  Hwy 29 is a good training ground for a new driver. The tricky part came when we got into the Twin Cities construction.  He did a great job through St Paul and then we hit the MPLS tunnel construction. Its nerve-wracking for experienced drivers and combined with his propensity to drift right, and slow down when nervous ... our life did flash before our eyes when we were in the middle of the tunnel. But, he did it and we all made it home safe.  Afterwards he say - wow, that was stressful and Kay has vowed never to let Tracy teach her to drive based on the shriek that came out of Tracy's mouth during said tunnel event.

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for sharing the lake with us and to Lynn and Dado for letting us run wild in their lawn, beach and on their boat.  You are so lucky and blessed to call Little Glen home...