Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Vacation Update - Costa Rica!!

We had an amazing time with Tracy's family in Costa Rica. It was a once in a lifetime trip and so fun to have all 9 kids together (7 boys) with all the adults. We rented 2 houses on the beach, they shared a pool, and were next to a small boutique hotel that had an outdoor bar, pool table and volleyball/etc.  It was kid paradise.

Every day the kids...

  • swam in the ocean
  • learned to surf (Kay insisted on going 1st and got up on her 3rd try, Billy went 2nd and got up on his 1st try, Ian, Jimmy & Tracy got up but couldn't stay up, Tom dedicated himself to the art of body surfing)
  • played soccer (football, volleyball, ball tag, world cup in the pool, billiards, Uno, left/right/center, sharks vs minnows
  • did daily trivia with Grandma 
  • cheered on football (Packers, Vikings, Michigan, Clemson, etc)
  • ordered daily fruit smoothies from the bar
  • played with Emily and the other hotel dogs
  • threw a football into the surf and then competing for who could retrieve it 1st
  • daily walks on the beach with Grandma/aunties
We also did 2 major excursions - the Nat'l Park and horseback riding on the beach.  Jimmy even saw 2 people he new at the Nat'l Park, a girl in his drivers ed and a girl that goes to many of the same bar/bat mitzvah's he did.  Small small world

A few highlights/quotes:
  • Cedric notices - "Billy says "hmm" a lot vs actually answering a question"
  • Billy reading the directions for Mexican Train Dominoes "says you shouldn't look at other peoples tiles", to which Kay replies ... "it says shouldn't, not can't"
  • Tom found Santa Clos wine and dressed the part with Jeff photo bombing
  • Tom/Jeff cheering so loud during the Michigan game at the bar next door that we could hear them when we were in our rooms, with the doors shut with the air conditioner on
  • Dinners by crazy Julie. Mom and Dad hired her to cook, clean, serve 2 dinners so that we could relax. It was nice to be waited on!
  • Traditional carib dinner by Ronald's wife with his family and Cedrics surf sponsor family as guest of honor
  • Cedric winning 1st place in the surf competition at the hotel
  • Georgias 14th birthday!
  • A thai massage from Julie along with a watzu water massage - so relaxing!
  • A harrowing drive down, in 2 cars, getting lost 3 x's and then driving in the dark for 90 minutes, on roads that aren't lit, no shoulder and with bikers/walkers on the highway. Oh, did I mention it was through the mountains?! I thought I was going to loss my shit.  Billy commented "its a good thing they dont get snow/ice here or these roads would be really treacherous"
  • A Toys for Tots party the owners (Mikey and Diana) put on for the local kids each year, including santa in shorts! (see a separate blog for these photos)

But, pictures tell the story best of all!!
Hope everyone was able to enjoy their holidays with friends and family!! Love you ALL!!! XXOO and happy 2017!!
fSunsets were gorgeous! 

night football

carib dinner - top called it in his top 5 -ever

the gang + Julies friends and Ced's sponsor


aunt sue riding



the gang - Herbie has been begging for years to go horseback riding, turns out he hated it:(

the gang

Herb's 1st go at riding!



another sunset

too pretty

our house

mom and dads house and pool

santa! I know him!!

Billy and the big guy

Pelican Hotel

The bar!!

the hotel & pool

the bar, again

Mikey and Diana - the best hosts every

There was even a tree!


Red with Santa

Grandpa with his Clemson Santa hat, Santa, Grandma and Kay

Surf lesson #1, popping up on the board

Billy gives it a go

Getting ready to do this!

1st lesson

The bar at night, a common site

The surf competitors

Ced wins!

Pool sharks

beach volleyball

The Nat'l Park

Swimming at the Nat'l Park

Getting ready for the sunset

Again, sunsets!

more football


Ronaldo wife is an amazing cook!

Ronaldo family and Julie