Tuesday, January 03, 2017

New Years with cousins and Grandma/Grandpa

A HUGE thank you to Brigid and Dennis for hosting us on New Years, the day after we got back for the Vikings game, homemade chicken stew and some serious play time for the cousins. It was so nice to just relax, watch the game and kids and not need to worry about anything.  Kay was smitten with Charlie (Charolette - 2yrs old) and Billy was smitten with the dogs (Maazel and Guinness) and the kitties (Oreo and Snowflake). Jimmy, of course, was smitten with the Vikings.  Everyone is doing well _ especially Grandma Kay, only 3 more chemo's and her tumor counts are going down fast, yeah!!

Again, pictures tell the whole story. Love the picture of Charlie and Jimmy - the height difference is hysterical!!

XXOO to all our family and friends

Stacia, Kay and Charlie playing house

Girl cousins rule!

Tom, Kay and Jimmy



Brigid being silly

Another killer game of pool!

Pool sharks at it again!

The whole gang

The tallest and the smallest Jimmy and Charlie