Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Tom!!

We celebrated Tom and his birthday a few times this weekend and it was super fun.

Friday was date night at the Crisis Nursery annual wine tasting with Leona, Bob, Sherra, Rich, Jeff and Karen.  Too much fun. Good friends, good food and good wine. Not to mention awesome auction items.  Our friends were really generous with the $ and it raised a ton of money for Crisis Nursery. Good thing because Tracy is not on the board:)

Saturday Wade, Caden and Wyatt came for dinner. Wade and Tom share a birthday and love of steak so ... steak it was.  There was good sausage and cheese, ceviche, yummy purple potatoes, steak 3 different ways (Garlic aioli, blue cheese and butter).  The salad was a bit of a flop (grapefruit, jicama ...) but brownies for dessert more than made up for it.   The kids had a blast playing ghosts in the graveyard and kick the can. The adults had fun looking at Wades pictures from his trip to china. 

Sunday was family day with presents and dinner out.  the goal was to ride bikes to dinner before winter descends on MN but - the weather was really wonky today. rain then clear then rain ... arghhh....  in any case, a fun family dinner and everything is better with presents.

Tom, THANK YOU for being you. For being chief cook, limo driver, household COO and best friend.  You go out of your way to help friends, the kids, kids friends parents, family and anyone that needs it.  You are funny, smart, generous and patient. Thank god the kids have you to balance me out:)

XXOO - cheers to another year of adventure!! WE LOVE YOU!!

The birthday boys

The grown ups with good wine 

the family in 2017 - + Ian, exchange student

Camping with family friends 

Meeting Lucy Kaplinsky - ahhhhh!!

 Chef TOm

Tom's parents and brother Brian