Sunday, September 18, 2016

Billys Big Day!

Billy had his Best. Taekwondo. Meet. EVER!!!  He seriously kicked some ass. Literally.

Yesterday was the tournament of champions. Its the last big event of the season and before everyone belt tests to get to a higher level. Billy tests for black belt on Oct 8 and based on how he did yesterday, he's ready!!

He competed in 3 events. Pomsea (patterns) Demo (team choreographed demonstration) and sparring.

1st up - Pomsea.  He was in perfect form (pun intended) and easily took the gold in his age/belt class.

Since this is tournament of champions, each age/belt class gold medal winner then competes against each other, divided into their respective belt class (age doesnt matter). There were 10 kids, Billy made the final 4, then he made the final 2. And, his competition for the tournament of champions trophy?!  His best friend, Ace.  They were amazing!! Perfectly insync, coordinated and looked amazing. I had no idea how the judges going to decide. It was so fun to watch.  In the end, Billy took home the trophy and according to his coach, when its that close, you look at feet placement and stability and Billy had that nailed.  The trophy is literally taller than he is.

2nd event - Demo.  The team was down a few people and were competing against teams that were loaded with black belts, but that didn't stop them. The did great, had fun and made us all proud.  They are an amazing group of kids.

3rd and final event - Sparring.  Keep in mind, as physical as this event is, basically you are trying to kick the other kid in the chest to get points, its also very strategic and you need to think and see your shots.  Billy over indexes on the thinking part and under indexes on the aggressive part. You can see him thinking and planning where to land a kick while the other kid just goes crazy kicking.  In his 1st round, he wasn't as aggressive as he needed to be and was behind. Then, in the 2nd round, he came back to tie!! Ties are nerve racking because then go into sudden death, 1st kick to land wins. This is NOT Billy's strong suit as he needs time to plan his strategy but, he did it!! Landed the 1st point and was on to the next competitor. In his next bout, he was warmed up, confident and ready to go. He fought hard and was in the best form I've ever seen him. Another Gold!!

His friends also took come golds and Grace also won tournament of champions for her belt color.

It was such a fun day and we love watching him do something he loves with people he loves.

XXOO we love you Billy and SLP TKD!!
Isaac, fought hard and took silver

The 3 amigos with 3 golds

The trophy!!

all the tournament of champion winners

The winners with their coach - Mr Lemon

1st place in sparring!!

Happy boy with 2 golds

BFF Grace - xoxo

Yep, they are real

LOVE these kids