Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy Gotcha Day-Jimmy

Now 14 years later and still growing, Jimmy continues to be passionate about all things sports and is branching out in his musical endeavors as we just got an old 1978 Kimball Swinger 700 model organ!

He has been on a terror the past few weeks regarding his grades and is battling the High School process for classes and grading in French, which is different from the middle school and as Jimmy is a one process kind of kid, i.e: if you explain to him how things are done, then they are always done that way, no changing, and if you change them, he will fight you all the way...However as the this publication has as they say in India : Full Marks!

His passion about sports is taking a bit of a turn this year. As many of you know from past posts, Jimmy is an all in kind of player. The only sport there is the sport of the moment, however this is the first time he is extending the season to play a second one. Basketball has him playing on another traveling team this Spring which was interfering with his determination to play baseball. Finally after a bit of parental direction and peer influence Jimmy has decided he will play both...we will see how that goes.

The kid is super funny, extremely competitive and, when he is not acting like a teenager, great to joke and goof around with.

We love you Jimmy we are super blessed that you chose us to be your forever family and we look forward to watching you as we move into the next phase of your life: DRIVERS ED! God helps :)

Also rich blessing to his birth parents - especially his birth mother. can't wait to meet you some day and see where jimmy gets it from:)

And...all the social worker, doctors and foster family members that loved him up before he was placed in our arms.  You did good.