Friday, April 08, 2016

Billy kicks ass!! - he is now a red tip belt

Last night Billy tested for his red belt with black tip. This is the final belt before the biggie, the grandmaster of all belts, the bruce lee for 11 yr olds, the Jackie chan of taekwondo, the BLACK BELT!! Yes, Billy has 6 months to train and get ready to be a black belt. Watch out world!! (Actually, watch out Jimmy, you may want to cut down on the teasing)
As we've mentioned before, we love Billy's team & dojong (gym). Its like a family and so fun to see everyone improve, progress and support each other. Last night was no exception. They rallied around each other, had fun, cheer each other on and lots of good natured teasing.  It was a fun night and we are SO proud of how hard Billy works, how well he listens and how disciplined he with  TKD. Proud of you Billy - we love you!     

 Nervously waiting to start


 The graduates!!!

  Rush Hour (the favorite nickname for Ace and Billy, its a movie with Jackie Chan and Chris Rock and VERY appropriate to their personalities) 

Rush Hour silliness, Ace came to cheer Billy (and his dad) on even though he wasn't testing this cycle  

  Ok, its almost time!!

 He did it!!!  Getting his new belt.
 Board breaking is becoming more complex and more important for his skills