Monday, February 15, 2016

Tournaments, Birthdays, Valentines Day and Grandparents!!

It was a crazy but fun weekend!!  Grandma Bunny and Grandpa Jim flew in to see Billy and Kay compete and Jimmy practice baseball and basketball.  IT was also Grandpa Jim's birthday and (of course) Valentines Day.  We didn't waste a minute of our time together!!

1st up - typical Thursday night with basketball practice and center cut pork chops.  Jimmy impressed Grandpa with his floor wipers and how in shape he is.  Tom impressed everyone, all weekend, with his cooking:)  Kay decided to make chocolate dipped strawberries for her French class party and we were all jealous that we aren't in her class. 4 different types of dip (white, milk chocolate, butterscotch and cinnamon) and 2 types of topping ( crushed oreos and crushed red velvet oreos) Needless to say, there wasn't any left to bring home.  

Friday was another typical day with all 3 kids at practice (baseball this time fro Jimmy, Kay getting ready for her meet on Sunday and Billy putting the final touches on his forms for Saturday's tournament)  We  did a typical Wisconsin fish fry with 2 types of batter, panko's and beer.  YUM!!!

Saturday was the 1st competition of the weekend and also Grandpas birthday. Who wouldn't want to spend 7 hours in a high school gym on your birthday?! He was a good sport. Billy did amazing, silver in pomsea (forms) and gold in sparring.  He was over the moon!! That night we went to JJ's for dinner and the waitress was not only fabulous, but also a Packer fan (my dad's a HUGE Packers fan) so she brought little extras of everything and even a birthday cheese cake.  Grandpa seemed to like his presents, which isn't surprising since most of them had Packer logo's on them:)

Sunday was Kay's gymnastics meet and she was amazing!  She took 3rd in Floor (9.2) and Beam (9.175) and 6th overall.  She had 3 scores all over 9 but a bit of an issue on Bars. She fell off on her giant. Just doesn't have quite the strength to get all the way around but ... she always hops back up and finishes her routine.  Proud of her!  Once she gets a bit stronger, she'll have this nailed. Her scores will WELL over the minimum to make it to state so ... State Gymnastics here we come!! She is over the moon that she made it to state and so are we!! 

The meet ended early (which never happens) so we took advantage of being in St Paul and went to visit Aunt Mary Lou. Both sets of Grandparents were at the meet so it was fun to have them catch up and be  able to see Mary Lou as well. 

Kay got her choice of lunch and decided on Quangs (Vietnamese) for Pho and Ban Minh sandwiches with bubble tea. OMG it was good.  We even saw a dragon dance celebration as it came in from outside and overtook the restaurant, really really fun way to celebrate:)

In the meantime, Grandpa Jim had Jimmy at batting practice and boy is he impressed with how much Jimmy has improved in the last year. He was literally knocking them out of the park and had a # that were definitely home runs.  Of all 3 sports, Grandpa thinks this is Jimmy's best. We'll see, try outs are in 3 weeks:)

For Valentines Dinner, Tom went ALL OUT and made timpani (from the movie The  Big Night) I was worried we weren't going to eat until 10 but ... he pulled it off and it was beyond delicious and such a treat!  If you ever get a chance to order it or have Tom make it, do it!!

The kids had off school today (thank god) and they were all still sleeping when I took Grandma and Grandpa to the airport at 10am.

It was an amazing weekend and are so lucky/blessed that there were able to come be part of our craziness/love/talent.

We love you!!

See below for videos of the kids meets....Billy is in the red when sparring