Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tom has a new job!! Woo Hoo!

Ok, we all know that Tom is amazing at his "day" job, being a stellar parent to Jimmy Kay and Billy. However, he has found himself with a bit of free time on his hands inbetween all the sports events, school activities, house repairs, etc. So... when the grade school posted some open roles, we were curious. I mean, he's at school every day 2-3 times a day in any case. Maybe he should get paid to go there!

Step 1: go to school website to fill out application form. This takes 30 min as its totally hidden embedded in the bowels of the website but, success, we find it!

Step 2: fill out application, and ... the warning that this will take 30-60 minutes is TOTALLY ACCURATE. Not only does he need to give a full personal background, there were math tests, vocabulary tests and fits of strength.  After saving and restarting a few times, its done and submitted

Step 3: interview, yep an actual interview, at the school, with the people in charge.  This was interesting, what to wear, what to say, how to answer questions? So...we put it by the kids at dinner.  They asked him practice interview questions - Billy's was the best, have you ever been arrested?  Tom: convicted, no never convicted.  Kay suggested he wear sweat pants since that is what he wears every day to school any way and Jimmy just pleaded that he be  "nice" to the kids (seems there are a few crabby folks at school, go figure). Tom has a great conversation with the staff (good god, they know him better than any current parent due to all his volunteering, driving, math tutoring, etc he's got to be a shoe in ...)

Sure enough, not even out of the parking lot and he has an email. He can start next week but 1st ..... 

Step 4:   Please fill out the following information ...
You are being asked to complete a group of forms.

To expedite the process and to eliminate as much paperwork as possible, we would greatly appreciate it if you responded to the forms by way of the following links:

New Employee - Non-Licensed
Welcome to Hopkins Public Schools
Federal 2013 I-9 Form
W-4 Form - Employee Withholding Allowance
Direct Deposit Form
New Employee Orientation Handbook
District Policy Acknowledgement
True Time Employee Procedures
True Time Pay Period Schedule
District Employee Contracts
Employee ID Badge
New Hire Technology Worksheet
Paperless Payroll System
Public Employees Retirement Association Handbook
Anti-Bullying Video

After you click each of the links above, please fill out the requested information. Your responses are kept confidential and are visible only to authorized parties.

Actually, this might take him until next week to get it all filled out?!

(At this point, i think he's asking himself if he really wants this job....)

Now, for the big reveal, what is this job that is so important that there is a 4 step process with math tests, 12 different forms, etc ..

He's a swing para - basically, he'll move around the school and fill in for lunch duty, recess duty, etc.  Its about 2-3 hours a day and all about interacting with the kids and keeping them safe.  He's going to ROCK THIS!!

And, I hope he DOES have fun in the process:)

XXOO proud of you Tom!!