Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gymnastics, Tumbles, Angst and glad thats behind me

So this past weekend was Kay's first level 7 gymnastics meet and it was well, a challenge.
Kay's coach of these past two years decided it was time to part ways and up and quit right in th middle of the week and 10 days before the meet. on top of that, the whole gym had major nervous vibes about their 1st meet at a new level and Kay was no exception. She was nervous for weeks and wouldn't let us invite or even tell anyone about the meet. AND ... she kept telling us we were putting pressure on her when we said things like - don't worry, just go have fun and ... you'll be fine, you've been working so hard this year. I think there was a bit of projection going on...

Kay was somewhat upset about the whole coach issue and after  a few tears decided she needed to move on, in retrospect her coach sent a text wishing Kay luck in the upcoming meet and that she missed Kay, who's response was ' If she misses me so much why did she quit?" true Kay.

The meet was really a tough life lesson. Kay for the first time fell, yes fell during her floor routine, which is un heard of, everyone around us was saying, " wow that never happens".  (it was actually a slip due to a slippery mat but ... totally something you don't train for ) Then she fell off the uneven bars, again not a first but rare, however she finished and still landed a 7.9!  Even with all these troubles, she got back up, finished her routines and nailed them. She is so tough and determined. We've been talking about how being a good athlete competitor is equally mental and physical and she certainly proved both this meet. She didn't get discouraged and kept going. We are most proud of her for this!!

The beam routine did not contain the right number of routines, there are different levels of skill levels, A, being the easiest and F being the hardest. She was pretty good on the beam but since she did not do the right number of skills she ended up with and 8.5.

Neither Tracy nor I have any idea what makes up a good or for that matter a bad vault, Kay got a 7.9, which looked good to us.                                                 She did end up finishing 9
th overall, which was really good considering....

She is very glad this meet and all the drama is behind her, she knows what went wrong and is back in the gym fixing the problems, next meet in two
weeks, GO KAY GO!