Sunday, January 24, 2016

congratulations nominees and winners - Taekwondo banquet night

Last night was almost as big as the oscars with everyone coming out in full regalia.  There were 600 people in attendance at the yearly TKD banquet to enjoy good food, celebrate each others success and dance dance dance to the  music.

Billy was nominated for Jr Leader of the Year and Jr Male Student of theYear. He looked sharp in his bow tie/sweater combo and was excited to show off his moves ons the dance floor.

The kids had a table to themselves and it was fun to catch up with the adults when weren't hectic form running around or sweaty from class.  The kids were really well behaved!

The awards ceremony was quick, almost too quick to get a photo of all the winners but you can see from the photos below, everyone had fun.

And... the winners were .... drum roll....

Jr Leader of the Year - Billy Murphy
Jr Male Student of the Year - Ace
Jr Female Student of the Year - Maria
Jr Black Belt of the Year -Sumic
Assistant of the Year = Grace
Adult Student of the Year  - Jenny
Teacher of the Year - Mr Lemon

Congratulations to everyone!

So proud and happy to be a part of such a loving and diverse dojong.   We have so many cultures , ethnicities and religions represented (Russian, Latino, Korean, African American, Italy,  Jewish ...the list goes on and on.)

 Love the Lemons, love these kids and love the parents!!