Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Golden Birthday Billy!!

Yep, Billy turned 11 on the 11th. And, it was all done in typical Billy fashion.

1st up: Greek Food!! We had a really nice family dinner at Christos, Billy had his favorite (gyros) and the rest of us loved our food too, especially Kay when she got to pick and eat Billy's free birthday dessert (he's not a big sweets guy)

2nd: Presents!! There was a definite theme to this years gifts - All Star Wars, All the Time. He got EVERY Star Wars movie and now the planning begins. How to watch them all? 1 per day over holiday break?  All at once in a marathon 12 hour movie fest?  With cousins after Christmas? with Friends before Christmas?  The possibilities are tons of cash and Target gift cards - oh how to spend all the dough?!

3rd: Party!!!  He broke out of his traditional Chuck E Cheese habit and opted for - Skyzone ... indoor trampoline park. 10 of his besties from school and taekwondo descended on Skyzone. Its a perfect place for a birthday party. Tons of activity, pizza, soda, cupcakes (but only after after jumping) free socks and a tshirt. The only thing we had to do was write a check and bring some cupcakes. Nice!!

4th: Treats!! Billy's celebration went on for a few days as he brought treats to TKD, they did the spanking machine tunnel and had his party and his dinner all on different days.  It was a birthweek, not a birthday. Exactly as it should be. And Billy was totally in all the way!

Billy  - you are so wonderful, kind, gentle, loving, funny, serious, insightful, analytical, calm and wise.  Can't even imagine what we'd do without you in our lives. You make us all better.  We love you Billy BaLoo!!!!