Friday, December 18, 2015

A few quick highlights

Its been a killer week at home. Everyone is trying to get final, fixed homework handed in, tests retaken and all put to bed so that we can have a clean/easy holiday. I think we made it!!

Also, long story long ... as context, Jimmy plays sax in the 8th grade band put plays drums in Jazz Combo an "elite" group that plays every Thursday before school (6:45 am) and has a number of gigs in 2016 to play schools, nursing homes etc. He had a sub this week, the jazz god (the guy that writes all their music) and he was excited to show is stuff. And did he ever! In fact the jazz god ran after him in the hallway after practice yelling "drummer drummer! seriously tight today, way to keep it together.: Jimmy was on cloud 9 all day and Billy  was excited for him as well and said - doesn't it feel good when you do something well and you love it?!

Billy had sparring practice and seriously killed it with a spinning back kick. the dojong went nuts. not sure if you can see it but its amazing. He was all smiles when he came home and said it felt so good when he nailed that kick and they appalaued.  

Kay got braces this week. 'nuf said.  She's not happy and when Kay's not happy, no one is happy. Hoping she feels better by tomorrow:(

Peace Out