Sunday, October 04, 2015

Happy Birthday 80th Jerry and Kay!

We joined together with all the kids and grand kids to throw a combined 80th Birthday for Granma Kay and Grandpa Jeremiah.

The event was the last Saturday of September and a friend of the families offered the party room in her condo complex and the venue was beyond awesome. The party  room was  a two story affair however with a more several of the guests now with walkers and wheelchairs we settled onto the ground floor portion :), they are after all ,in their 80"s.

It was a great mixture of family, old friends and neighbors. The stories were fun to hear and re-live. Jerry and Kay were the center of attention , as it should be and when the couple dozen off key Irish began signing happy birthday there was not a happy ear drum in the place!

Kay, our daughter not my mom, took a majority of the pictures and was having a ball as the official photographer. All the grand kids had fun playing and hanging out as did all the adults. The crowd was a continuous flow of people which made it easier to visit and for most of the attendees, hear.

The food was wonderful, put on by family friend and caterer Susie.

So blessed to have good, happy, healthy family and friends - young and old!!