Monday, October 05, 2015

Billy is a red belt!! and other weekend accomplishments....

Saturday was taekwondo day - there was a cancer fundraiser (A Million Kicks for Cancer), the school carnival and belt testing. The weather was gorgeous and not only did Billy have a blast, he did great too!

The Million Kicks for Cancer is a fundraiser where the kicks get pledged to kick cancers butt - our donjong raised over $4,000 which means that Mr Lemon needs to shave his head and dye his eyebrows purple. Should be interesting.  Then, everyone gathers and "kicks" until the group reaches a million kicks. It was an especially touching year as we celebrated that Mr Lemon kicked cancers butt this summer. In May, at age 19, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He weathered surgery and radiation and now has a clean bill of health.

The carnival was exactly what you would expect, dunk tanks, food trucks, penny games and silly prizes.  Kid heaven.

Billy was having fun but getting progressively more nervous about his belt test later that day.  He finally went into the dojong and started warming up.  He was testing with his buddies Grace and Esa and they were amazing!  They did conditioning, patterns, kicks  and board breaking (flying side kick over a poor yellow belt student)  He mastered it all and is now a red belt. Next up, black tip and then black belt. At his current rate he'll be a black belt by next years carnival!

The weekend also included dinner with Des/Greg at Busters on 28 (highly recommended - amazing chips and burgers) a Twins game (Jimmy, Tom, Jim Fellows, Anders, James, Doug at a terrible game but a gorgeous day), Jimmy's football game (he played great but they lost -'nuf said), gymnastics, hunger games in the neighborhood and ... a going away party for Michael and Brian. Pam was hosting at our house and since she's moving as well, we somehow ended up with  20+ bottles of 2/3 full liquor - not sure if this was a gift or a curse.  We ended the night with a perfect fall night and bonfire.

All is good....