Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Thoughts & Prayers

The past week or so has be full of sad news and tragic events in our neighborhood and community.
We would like to ask you all to hold the community in the light of healing, wholeness and peace.

The kids have had a couple of hard life lessons to comfort and with death it can be a bit hard. They are asking questions, going to Memorial Services and moving forward, as well all do at times like these.

We will be taking these moments as they come and hold each other close and comfort in the fact that we have a great family, circle of friend and network of support and we have all of you to thank for that. Rest assured we are all fine, life sometimes throws you off a bit and we need to acknowledge that and ask for prayers and kind thoughts.  Special prayers to Williams  family, Kyles family and the family of one of our grade school teachers.

Tom, Tracy, Jimmy, Kay, Billy and Nikki