Thursday, September 17, 2015

Are you ready for some football.....

Yes the leaves are starting to turn, the sun a bit lower on the horizon and a chill in the air, Fall and with Fall comes Football.

Jimmy is passionate about his music, school and sports but none compare to his fierce determination on the football field.

This year once again after cutting the snacks and sweets out  of his diet he made weight, checking onto camp at 6' and 154. He is excited and looking forward to a great season. (keep in mind he was 5' 11 1/2"  and 155 at his sports physical only a month ago)

This year on offense he is playing left guard and also wide receiver, he posted a 40 yard dash time of 5.6, pretty good for a kid his size. On defense he is playing line backer and left tackle. To date the team is one and one. The first loss was a combination of mixed up plays and turn overs, however Jimmy and his squad hung in there and in the second half they scored 14 points without allowing the other team any. The second game was won with Jimmy's help. He returned a kick-off about 60 yards setting up a first and goal, which they completed and won 19-15.  In a weird turn of events, the other team actually forgot about our 1st touchdown in the 1st few minutes of the game so they were going crazy celebrating when the clock ran down. Our side (aka parents) watched in silent awe, each of us asking ourselves ... did we do our math wrong? I thought we won...  Needless to say, after a quick retally of the game we were declared winners. Very strange.


He plays left tackle as I said on defense. The opposing teams have each run one play to the left side of the line resulting in two 20 plus yard losses as a result of Jimmy happening to be in the backfield looking for the football, so far the other teams have been running the ball on the right side of the line.

He has  a couple of kick off returns, two passes both for first downs and overall is happy with his play. He has found a new love in playing defense which means trouble for the opposition.  He's got 5+ sacks and always makes it through the line.  He's agressive.

He's also been voted captain of his squad which is a huge honor but also a little troubling as it means he can talk to the refs and ... we all know how much he likes to "talk" (ie argue his point).  So far he's been pretty reasonable, lets hope that continues.

Its a fun team to watch, cant wait for the next set of games!  (look for the pink socks in the photo below - #77)