Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just another typical week...

This past week Billy and the rest of the fourth graders performed the much anticipated Peace Program. This is a tradition at Meadowbrook and was the 19th one. The kids act our different scenarios where the result end up being much better when we look at the world through the eyes of a peaceful solution versus a non-peaceful one. They also sign several songs about peace.
In addition the kids gather pledges at the beginning of the school raising money by reading books. The money is the donated to the Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, who's mission is to end Child neglect and to help families prosper, way cool.

The kids read close to 2500 books and raised $1400.00 way to go! Billy was on stage to present the check and hammed it up. Billy was super engaged in reading all year and finished over 25 books and in doing so will have a trip to the Mall of America and Nickelodeon World, a day off school at an amusement park is a very motivating factor!! Plus, extra bonus, Aunt Sue is going to be a chaperone!

Kay had a very emotional past week as we celebrated her final band concert, not of 6th grade, but ever. She fought through the decision to hang up the trumpet, deep soul searching, talking at depth with Jimmy, and she came to the conclusion she didn't care one bit about band so way waste her time.
She brought her trumpet home once this entire school year, once, either she is a musical genius or just really self aware.

In any event, Kay along with the 5th and 6th grade classes at Meadowbrook played their hearts out.
They preformed two concerts and did have  a farewell send off to their band teacher, who is leaving to become the entire district music coordinator, a big job but we will miss Mr. Thompson.

Jimmy, on the other, had 6 baseball games over the weekend and,  insert drum roll here, got his haircut. We did not have anything to do with the decision or the way in which he chose to have it cut, however the haircut is both mom and dad approved! The fear was that his baseball cap would not fit, but fortunately he has a big head. The team played its heart out and when the dust settled they came in third, which is awesome for the first tournament of the year. By the end the kids all had ice on their arms, fell asleep in between games and even had a couple of out of the park home runs in the final game. The season is just starting so more to come. Jimmy had a couple good plays as well, stealing home, throwing a kid out at 3rd (his life long dream as catcher) and a triple. Woo Hoo!

Jimmy also has his end of the year concert for 7th grade and for Jazz Band. In his words they did not do so well, but to the lay ear it sounded great. Jimmy complained that the teacher changed the tempo in the middle of the song and everyone, well except him, was behind and slow. He also has had this running feud with the other drummer in Jazz band who seldom shows up for practice but still gets to play at the concerts, drives Jimmy bonkers.
It was a fine way to end the year, and now he has committed to summer lessons for, drums, sax and piano, YIKES!  not to mention a full week of rock band for which Grandma Bunny and Grandpa Jim will be in town for. Fun:)

During all this chaos Tom's Aunt, and the kids Great Aunt Marylou celebrated her 85th birthday. Tom, Kay and Billy were able to attend, while Tracy and Jimmy were at baseball. It was fun to catch up with the family and extended cousins and the picture of Tom's mom and her sibling's tells the story. Happy Birthday Marylou!!!

The summer is rushing up at us, school drawing to and end........more to come.