Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Tracy had been travelling all last week and the kids, well mostly Kay, was intent on giving her the best Mother Day Ever.
She sat down created an agenda, complete with door signs and a to do list.

The day started with Kay bounding out of bed at 7:30 (which we were worried about it being a bit nearly) however it was a false start, she needed her kindle to look up dessert recipes and other components for the evening meal....

She started in on breakfast around 9:00 and for the most part kept on track making Tracy breakfast in bed. The meal consisted of a fried egg in a piece of heart shaped toast with avocado smear, bacon, toast points and yogurt with blue and black berries along with grapefruit juice, a big hit!

Tracy was able to take Nikki for a walk and Billy rode along with her. She got home and jumped on her bike to only get a couple of miles away when the rains came :(
Then it was off to Jimmy's baseball game and his promise to do well for her, which he did however the team they were playing has the best record thus far, Jimmy and the boys stayed right with them but fell 5-3, Jimmy did catch for most of the game and Tracy loves to watch him behind the plate.

Next up dinner, Kay banished Tracy to the basement and set about in an almost ADD fashion to make dinner. She made a pasta and meatball bake for the boys along with lemon seasoned green beans. For the main course she created  Cajun chicken pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, oregano and basil and paired that with a roasted kale with red onions, garlic, lemon juice and topped with basil and lemon zest as well as crusty bread, super yummy.

Dessert followed the clean up featuring lemon bars with lemon zest, mint brownies with fresh whipped cream and a Chocolate Mousse for Tracy, all Foodie all the time with Kay. Then it was time for presents. Billy made a super card for the worlds greatest mom along with a couple dozen origami cranes. Kay (as usual) had a list, nail polish, tea, coffee cup, Carmel sea salt chocolate bars, a mason jar full of secret items that needed to be put in a mason jar, also a pedicure from Tom.

It was a great day to spend with a great Mom, partner, friend, parent. Tracy is always looking out for us, creating fun things for us to do and she is a pretty awesome MOM. We Love you and we are blessed everyday with you!
To All Mom',s everywhere we say thanks you and Blessing to you!