Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

We here in the Loudamericans world are blessed with a hard working, caring, generous, insightful and loving Mom and wife.

Looking back over the last year it is with amazement what we each have been blessed with in our life's thanks to Tracy.

Chef School, and I mean WOW, a dream come true and a super special person to share it with. Travels and trips galore and many lasting and wonderful memories.
 Football, baseball, basketball, Montreal, Hoodies out of control, hugs and insight, challenges, drums and more drums, and love. Gymnastics, braces, make-up, cooking classes, sleep-overs, my own drawer in the kitchen jammed full of stuff that drives my mom crazy, late night hugs, new dresses, lip stick and lip gloss, loving me even when I sometimes make it difficult. Taekwondo, LEGOLAND, camps, hugs when my growing pains hurt, shelter and food, laughing and knowing that I love my mom and love being a kid. Walked everyday even in the rain and snow and petting me even if I have to go in and out of the house 20 times a minute.

It is not hard to look around and she what Tracy brings to our lives everyday and how she does it regardless of the hours she also puts in at work. She is determined that we have dinner every night as a family and we thanks for making that happen and for taking us each on a date day and all the other Mom things you do for us.
We have lived in Minneapolis, India, Minneapolis, Canada and have traveled all over the world and we want you to know  no matter where we go, we will never be alone, because anywhere beside you, is the place that we call HOME!
Happy Mothers Day we love you we bless you and we are excited for what comes next.....