Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vacation - FINALLY!

We have been in desperate need of a vacation - all of us. Between Tom's school (which he loves but is 10-15 hours of week on top of all the kids activities), the kids activities (gymnastics, basketball, piano, sax, drums, Tae Kwon Do, field trips, homework ...) and work work work work - we needed some down time. Interestingly enough, the kids didn't want to go. They didn't want to miss school, or track try outs or the Easter bunny or the million other reasons they had leading up to vacation - they were taking complaining to the next level. We had to remind them that not want to go on vacation was a major 1st world problem and that they'd get over it. We opted for a mindless sun and surf, all you can eat direct, flight to Cancun. Not glamorous or adventurous but easy with something for everyone AND far enough away that our cell phones wouldn't work (well they would but not without exorbitant costs associated). It was awesome, when we landed it was raining but by the time we got to our hotel and unpacked, the sun was out and stayed out for 6 straight days. The kids were in the ocean 5 minutes after we got there and proceeded to drop into vacation mode. All complaints were behind us about going on vacation. Now the complaints started about not wanting to leave the resort (another 1st world problem). Vacation also started with a fair bit of drama when Jimmy dropped our brand new Go Pro (water proof video camera) in the ocean and it was lost forever. I'm sure someone 3 miles down the beach will find it, plug it into their computer and get a great lesson on the lives of the LoudAmericans (Kays gymnastics tournament, Jimmy playing street hockey with Nikki, etc) Oh well, Jimmy felt terrible but...we weren't going to let it ruin vacation. Our days basically followed the same routine. Tracy worked out while Tom/kids slept in, we rallied for breakfast around 10:30 and then either started at the pool and then moved to the beach or started at the beach and moved to the pool. They drank orange soda for breakfast and ate like never feed them. Lunch was poolside around 3 and then more of the 4 s's - sun, surf, sand, swimming. We'd get back to the room around 4:30 a get cleaned up/veg for a few hours before dinner at 7:30. Post dinner, the resorts nightly "show" (these are hysterical by the way - lots of talent but very very cheesy). then, back to the room, catch the latest Disney movie on TV and fall asleep exhausted. We did manage to change the routine a bit with mini golf, sailing, kayaking, rock climbing & zip lining (kay of course) and a trip to Wet and Wild. Tracy read 3 books including a 1000 page tome by Stephen Speilberg (11/22/63 - super interesting read) and Tom was in heaven with his 4 murder mysteries. The resort was uber kid friendly and Billy managed to eat spaghetti and meatballs for dinner 6 days in a row. The kids got sunburned for the 1st time ever. Day 1 they were refusing to sit still to put on sunscreen and since they don't normally burn in Mn or Ca, they went off confident that we were crazy. The next few days proved that even Koreans get sunburned and was a good lesson that they should trust us when we tell them that sunscreen is good for you. They are all brown nuts now. Kay's back is the color of mahogany! on day 6, we were ready to come home. There is only so much soda, beach, swimming and resort musicals that a person can take. TOTALLY 1st world problems but we were ready for our own beds, we missed Nikki and wanted to cook our own food. The flight home was uneventful even though it was delayed by 2 hours (the Cancun airport is really nice now). Tracy went back to work and the kids back to school with only minor complaints on all fronts. Tom's still got a few weeks of a break before his school starts up again (this time, cheese and bread class) and so he's busy will all the spring activiites, yard clean up, field trips and 5th grade graduation planning). This weekend was 2 days of football camp, TKD, gymnastics, a Bar Mitvah party and a 40th birthday party - we're BACK......:) (Note: Yes, Jimmy is that big - we think he's pushing 5'9" (if he'd stand up straight) is wearing size 10 1/2 shoe and 130lbs - we are going to need a 2nd job just to feed him. Thank god for all inclusive buffets:)) Vacation rocks, so does coming home:)