Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy 12th Gotcha Day Jimmy & Hayden

This week was Jimmy's 12th Gotcha Day, the day he came home from Korea to be a part of our family. As with tradition, the gotcha day kid gets to pick dessert and we regale them with stories of their adoption journey, our visit to Korea and what they were like as babies. We also share our favorite part of them.

So, Jimmy woke and requested not dessert, but Tim Hortons honey glazed donuts. 6 of them.  His start to the day? 4 donuts, 2 egg sandwiches, hashbrowns and OJ. Breakfast of champions. At this rate, we are going to need to get a 2nd job. He currently stands 5'8", weighs 130lbs and wears a size 10 mens shoe. He has been and continues to be a big kid!

At dinner (roast chicken - another favorite) it was time for  the stories. It was fun to remember the 1st time we saw him (on his foster mothers back as we were racing up the stairs to get ready - we were running late - go figure). How we were blessed to meet not only his foster family but also his birth mother.  We have a video (in Korean) of her talking with him and he's smiling away. We've never had it translated and told him we'd watch it with him if he'd like and hire a translator - or he could watch it on his own with a translator. His response?  Huh. Well...we offered!

As we went around and talked about our favorite parts of Jimmy (his kindness, his laugh, his determination, his sharing/playing with Billy) it reminded us how much he is still the same talkative, happy, outgoing kid that he was as a baby.

We talked about how we met Jeff/Karen and then traveled to Korea with them to meet our boys. They met Hayden 20 min after we met Jimmy and we traveled home together. Jimmy eating and talking, Hayden sleeping.  They are such important parts of our memories of that 1st and amazing adventure.

Jimmy - we love you. We also love all the people that cared for you SO much that they nurtured and loved you only to turn you over (forever) to people they didn't know from 1/2 way around the world; starting with your birth mother/father but that also includes the doctors, nurses, social workers and your foster family.  If that's not love, I don't know what is....